Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love it - August

Just a few things I love about August...
Celebrating life. Celebrating people. Showing externally the love I feel internally. Family holiday. A trip to the mountains. Packing. Organising. Moving. Buying air tickets. Making plans for the future. Plain white T-shirts. Africa. Sunshine. California dreaming. Standing in the firing line of God's blessing. Seeing our ship come in. Promises fulfilled. Thrifting. Double denim. Brown leather. Grapefruit. Winter sunsets over the sugarcane. The north coast. Community. Unity. Farewell. Folk Music. Party planning. Sleepovers and dark chocolate. Appreciating my view of the ocean. Expanding my sunglasses collection. Derek and Li. Changing spiritual seasons. Prophetic words and songs. The goodness of God. Visions of Jesus. Photoshop tutorials. Stamps in my passport. Waving goodbye to friends. Leaving home. My family's sense of humor. Growing up. Hope. Trying not to colour inbetween the lines. Learning. Freshly updated iPod. Foreign accents. Seabear. The smell of my new shampoo. Living for the NOW. Throwing caution to the wind. Snow. Masterchef Australia. Local talent. Making journals. Maps. Suitcases. A pocket full of dreams. Rolled up jeans. Surfing while I can. Writing letters to loved ones. Rooibos tea. Including all things 'Apple' in my life. Compiling wish lists. SLR's. Viewing life from a higher vantage point. Skinny belts. Picnics. Tulips.
...What do you love about August?...


  1. That hello August graphic is really pretty!

    I love August because it means spring is coming. I love the warmer weather and getting more daylight!

  2. Thank you!
    Was having some Photoshop fun yesterday and that is what became of it.
    I love the fact that we are heading into spring too. I see you are from Adelaide, I spent 6 weeks there last winter, and let's just say the South Australian cold weather is not for the faint hearted.


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