Thursday, August 4, 2011

Journals: My Personal Daily Journal

"She had always wanted words. She loved them, grew up on them.
Words gave her clarity; brought reason, shape." - Michael Ondaatjie {The English Patient}

These wonderful sentences sum up why I am such an avid journal keeper. I love writing. I love words. I love the sound of a beautifully constructed sentence, and I love sitting down with a pen and paper in an attempt to organise my often 'all over the place' brain.
I made this journal last December from an old notebook. I covered it with pages from an antique book as well as all the other bits and bobs you can see in the pictures. If I am dead honest, I decided I would give daily journalling a bash, half expecting to throw in the towel after a week or two, but lo and behold, 9 months down the track and I still write {almost} every single day.
It is such a mind-blow to flick back to previous weeks and months and see how much I have grown as a person and how every bump in the road, every conflict, every new adventure has shaped and fashioned me into a different version of myself. It is both amazing and sad to see how the paths of different people can intertwine with yours for a season, before your roads diverge again and you head off in different directions. 
This journal of mine holds my deepest thoughts and feelings as well as both exciting and mundane daily events. I love it. 
There are only about 15 pages of this diary that still remain blank, and I have already bought another old notebook in which I will cover and decorate so that this journalling momentum is not lost.

If you are also a journal keeper, send me your pics, I would love to see how other people around the world keep track of their lives and memories.


  1. your handwriting is really neat and nice, i wish i could have a nice handwriting like that but unfortunately i couldn't until now. Anyway i really like your crafty style. It's vintage,rustic and it 's harmony between pictures and colors which are really great!!!!

  2. Wow I love your journal! I know you've decorated it, but can you tell me where you bought it? :D

  3. I know this is probably too late to be saying this but the opening quote inspired me to kick-start re-writing my journal. :D
    Your handwriting is amazing though. :D


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