Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Of The Week: Indie Berries

Indie Berries win's the title of 'Blog of The Week' this week, because it is the most hilar piece of online entertainment I have come across in ages. Whenever I feel as though I need a good dose of LOL in my day, I head straight to this site.
Che who runs the blog is a South African gal now living in Korea, and she is a blogger slash cartoon creator. I will warn you in advance, that some of the comical cartoons she comes up with should not be looked at whilst eating, drinking or in boardroom meetings, because they will make you laugh out LOUD, there is just no escaping it (I may be speaking from personal experience here.)
So do your good deed for the day by rewarding yourself with a look at Indie Berries, which is not only funny but pretty and full of all sorts of interesting content.
If you are still reading this and have not clicked on any of the above Indie Berries links, please read no further. Click here, to go there.

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