Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"A" for "Away"

Let's just say that this whole 'relocating to another country' business is the most long-winded, tiresome, and at times frustrating thing I've ever had to involve myself in. But alas, at long last I have my air ticket in hand and a big fat smile on my face {and if my heart had a face, it would be smilling too.} I am set to depart on September 1st, and my flight route goes something like this:
Durban ---> Dubai ---> San Fransisco ---> Redding
In total, I will be in transit for about 30 hours, and I'm sure by the time I step off that last flight, I will be stupidly tired and in 'moody mode.' 

I am ridiculously excited to step on board that Emirates flight, and am especially happy about my baggage allowance of 46kg's {although I know I will still be sitting on my suitcase when it comes time to try zip that puppy up. Fun, fun, fun.

Sleeps remaining: 30


  1. You must be besides yourself with excitement! Keep the blog going if you can. Would be cool to hear what you're up to that side of the world!

  2. i went to america with 40kg i came back with 60kg. remember to put stuff in 2 bags. they don't like 1 bag of 46kg!

  3. J.P - I will definitely be keeping the blog going from the USA. The house I am renting has wifi {bonus!} and I am {hopefully} getting a Macbook.

    Irene - Thanks for the tips!
    I will definitely be taking 2 bags, and I will definitely use every gram of those 46kg's. Haha.
    I have had to deal with overweight baggage before, and it is not fun {especially for the wallet.}


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