Monday, July 11, 2011

Time For Tea

My beautiful cousin Justine turned 18 last week, so my aunt Cheryl and I joined forces to throw her what we hoped would be her most special birthday to date. And so it was.
Justine knew we had taken on the role of 'party planner' but had no idea exactly what we had up our sleeve. 
In the end it turned out to be a lovely morning tea with 12 of Justine's closest friends. We had lots of laughs, overdosed on sugary delights, and celebrated my cousin's life.

We decorated the table with vintage tea cups, pink roses, doilies with messages inscribed onto them, sweetie jars, and I also created a 'photo wall' by converting photos of Justine and her friends into polaroids. 
The main feature was the gorgeous cake accompanied by 12 cupcakes, all done by Lee McDonough of 'The Cake Specialist.' The macaroons were bought from The Macaroon Cafe on Florida Road and the sweetie jars from Mr Price home. 

I enjoyed organizing this party so much, that I am considering going into the business! It's so wonderfully creative and the ideas are endless. Oh, how I love being a girl.

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  1. This pictures are so completely adorable. Love the colors and every little detail of the decoration!! I´m throwing a dinner party for my birthday next week and it´s good to have a wee bit of inspiration… :)


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