Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"mmmmmmm" is for "mmmmacaroons"

This week I have been running around like a chicken with no head trying to  annihilate items off my to-do list. Although it has been manic, I'd choose busyness over boredom any day!
One of the projects I have taken under my wing alongside my aunt, is the planning of my cousin's 18th birthday party. We are throwing her a vintage tea party with 12 of her closest friends, and I'm hoping to achieve the "oh my gosh, it's so beautiful, I'm speechless" effect when she walks in the door. 
We handmade her invitations which came out lovely (click here to view them), and are hoping the party will live up to this standard.
I am very excited about the macaroon part of the tea party, and yesterday I swung past 'The Macaroon Cafe' on Florida road that opened up a few months back to order an assortment of the delicious creations. 
I am picking them up tomorrow and they are going to add amazing splashes of colour to the table setting.

The party is happening on Thursday, so stay tuned for a follow up post with pictures from the big day. 
Until then, I have much to do in the craft department. I want to add quirky little bits and bobs to the table to make it a unique expression of my cousin's life, whilst also giving it a creative flair. Wish me luck!

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