Sunday, September 23, 2012

Strong is the new Skinny

Who actually allows someone to force feed them something that they do not enjoy the taste of? Well, Im done being force-fed the "super skinny is sexy" lie from every media platform because it is repulsive to my taste and I'm personally taking an active stand against it. 
As the years have progressed and the media has cunningly desensitized us to this 'trend' one dress size at a time, culturally across the board as first-world citizens, we hardly batter an eyelid if a woman's bones are showing under her skin, more so, we actually look to such women and title them 'perfect.'
Not only is this a cruel yardstick with which to measure yourself,  it is unhealthy at least and fatal at most. I want nothing to do with torturing my body in the name of so-called beauty. 
A few weeks ago I began to follow an Australian entrepreneur 'Lorna Jane' on Instagram as I love her self-titled company that sells stylish and trendy activewear for women. I will say this, Lorna is one of the most inspiring women I have come across in a long time. Her heart and compaign that runs through her brand centers around making the shift in the minds of society that strong is better than skinny. As a health and fitness guru herself, Lorna is inspiring women around the world to "just move it" with her 'Move. Nourish. Believe' campaign that is targeted at women who love to work hard to stay healthy and in shape, this is a world where fit women reign supreme. This world is one where a new crop of fit girls pave the way, girls who are not afraid to work for it and embody an active way of life, one rep at a time. They obsess to be their own personal best, unique in their own right. Powerful. Confident. Active.
Lorna and her team are loving and appreciating their bodies for whatever shape they are and letting women everywhere know it's okay to do the same.  
With this campaign, I smell the beginnings of a global change in perspective when it comes to the bodily ideals of women, I'm getting on board, are you?
Visit the Lorna Jane website.
Follow on Instagram @movenourishbelive and @ljclarkson and join the movement. 
 (All images: lornajane.com.au)

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  1. Great idea and we need this type of awareness to encourage girls to have better ideals about their bodies. but judging from the photos on her website - she still seems to portray the skinny body form as ideal - where are the plus size girls? or some girls are very fit but aren't a small body size at all.


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