Friday, April 1, 2011

I Love It - April

A few things I love about April...

Crisp air. Easter. Public holidays. Toasted hot cross buns. A week in Mozambique. Angus and Julia Stone. Morning land breezes. Joining the working class. Rainy Sundays. Popcorn. Craft days. Getting packages in the mail. Easter egg hunts. Having a friend in Jesus. Paper lanterns. Bicycle rides. Moleskin journals. Letters. Gigs. Change. Starry nights. Headscarves. Letting go. Photography. Melodies of heaven. Appreciating. Glassy sea. Dreaming. Guesstures. Speical people. Ribbon and stamps. Glory box. Maps. Red wine. Mo's Noodles. Project Runway. Pencil skirts. Bubble baths. Candle-lit moods. The sound of my typewriter. Trying new recipes. Whimsy calendar. Wearing jeans again. Milo before bedtime. The colour brown. Kick-drums. Writing. A new kind of friendship. Doilies. Paintbrushes. Audrey and the Hepburns. Belly-laughing. Florida Road shenanigans. Bringing Him glory with every breath. Pin boards and post-its. Roquefort salads. Tights and trackies. Small acts of kindness. Fluffy clouds. Office. My future is now. Treasuring youth. Reading the classics. Poetry. Chuck Bass and his dangerous charm. Instant messaging. New Make-up. Brown paper bags. Buying gifts. Wrapping gifts. Birthdays. Tea with friends. Scrabble. Beach walks at night. Decorating my bedroom. Ike's bookstore visits. Saying "hello." Polka dots. Cinnamon. Adele's voice. The Cube. Milk Froth. Vida E hot chocolate. Surfing with family. Durban fashion. Shopping bags. Roadside dining. Self-expression. Gazing into His face of beauty. Picture frames. Two Door Cinema Club. Picnics. Macaroons Viewing reality from His higher perspective.

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