Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Heart Market

Yesterday's I Heart Market was by far the market's finest hour. There was such a large crowd there to support that it was almost claustrophobic, and each and every stall could have easily left me bankrupt. Luckily I only brought R250 cash so that was my limit, and I walked away with a Whimsy calendar, two oriental antique teacups and some gift tags.
For lunched I had half a falaffel (spelling?) and half a spinach and feta muffin, and both were equally delish! To tell you a secret, I think the food at I Heart is it's major drawcard; gormet cupcakes, tarts, muffins, macaroons, cakes, noodles, vegan delights. Om nom nom nom.

These are the pretty new teacups that I am the proud owner of. I bought them from a store called Lulu which is actually also an online store run by an avid antique collector Irene. Visit her blog/store by clicking here and find yourself some timeless treasures.

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