Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let it Snow

Yesterday I became an enchanted little girl again as unanticipated snowflakes began to fall out of the Redding sky. Up here in Northern California snow is not uncommon on all the mountains, but it seldom snows in the city of Redding in which I live. As little white crystals began to float down from the heavens yesterday, I could not reign in my excitement and had to run outside and dance and twirl in the winter wonderland. The snow melted seconds after landing on earth, but it was magical nonetheless, and this southern-hemisphere born girl couldn't get enough of it. 
I've always dreamt of a white Christmas, and as a little girl, at Christmas time my mind would wander to faraway lands covered in white. Now that's proper Christmas. 
I'm still praying for a white Christmas this year, and after yesterday's little white gifts from heaven, it seems almost possible.


  1. your blog is great!
    I also had snow here in Ireland on Tuesday :)



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