Thursday, October 25, 2012

On being organized

Secretly, I've always wanted to be the that girl that floats around with chopsticks in her hair and paint stains on her hands that tell tales of late nights in her loft-apartment-turned-art-studio. You know, that girl that always looks oddly beautiful in her weird thrift store ensamble compromised of colours and fabrics that should never be within a 5 mile radius of each other. She's far too obscure to hold to a schedule of any sort, but blows where the wind does (or doesn't), she's never tied down, she walks to the rhythm of her own drum. 
Well, I'm the kind of girl that dances more on the edge of OCD than flower child. My brain functions in assembly-line format and even my thoughts are colour-coded (not really, but kind of). I do schedules, I do daily planners, I do time-management. I even plan for spontaneity. I'm that girl. And do you know what? I'm fine with that. I'm learning to love how I've been wired, even if at times I freak myself out. We can't all be the cool girl that wakes up one day and decides to buy a one way ticket to some Asian country that we've never heard the name of. Some of us are the girls that like to "get 'er done;" you know, the movers, the doers, the ones that have a black belt in checking off to-do lists. The ones that live their lives where no minute goes unaccounted for. Are we intense? Are we extreme? Yes. But that's why we're wonderful and we're saving the world one productive task at a time. 
Some wise guy who's name Google doesn't seem to know once said "Time management is self-management," and there you have it, the method to my madness.

Ps: If you read this and know you're on the nerd-girl team with me, check out Frankie Magazine's new journal for 2013, it will solve all your organizational issues one list at a time. Isn't it gorgeous?
{Buy online here. All Images courtesy of Frankie.com.au}


  1. Yes to being the organised girl Jessica! I love this so much!

  2. I am so completely with you on being the girl surrounded by To Do Lists and pre-booking spontaneous fun! (although I still do sort of wish I was the more relaxed carefree type)

    The Frankie journal is perfect - do they ship to the UK?



    1. Hi Em,

      I'm not sure whether Frankie ships their diary internationally, but if you click the link beneath the picture and begin the checkout process, I'm sure they will mention where they do and don't ship to :)

      Have a good day

  3. That planner has just the right amount of organization and scatteredness for me! I'm definitely on the organized girl team :)

  4. I want want want one! It is so gorgeous! I am on the organized girl team - and proud!
    frankie magazine 2013 daily journal


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