Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bikes, Betties and the Beautiful Beachfront

Last week, in celebration of the lovely Casey's birthday, a big group of friends and I went skating/biking along the Durban beachfront promenade, from the Moses Mabhida Stadium to Ushaka and back. It was one of those 'pinch myself is this really winter?' kind of June days, and Durban was breathtakingly beautiful. This day was one of my top 5 days of 2012 so far and I am ever grateful for the city I live in and the people that I get to live with, and fun is definitely a top priority of ours. 
Side note: I am rather stoked about the recent rise in popularity of skateboarding in Durban (especially amongst girls), thanks to the likes of companies like 'Peg.' I got to use a Peg longboard for the first time, and it was a sweet ride!  
Here are some of my iPhone pics of the day.


  1. Durban, South Africa is so beautiful.


  2. It looks amazing! Would love go there someday. :)

  3. Hi Jess,

    Love your reading your blog.
    Wondering if you can help me. I'm keen to do a bike ride along the beach front his weekend (with those amazing vintage bikes)!! just not too sure where the best place to hire from?? did you hire the bikes from the place by the skate park? do you know the name of it and how much it is to hire?? x

    1. Hi Chantelle,

      Thanks for stopping by :)

      With regards to the bicycle riding, the best place to hire would be right in front of the beachfront skate park next to circus circus restaurant. We hired from them and it costs around 50 bucks per hour.

      Enjoy the ride, you're going to have such fun!


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