Monday, March 26, 2012

Ola Tijuana

I will be getting up at sparrow's fart tomorrow and meandering down the Interstate-5 with four friends and a smiling face. Our final destination will be Tijuana, Mexico where a team of around 160 of us will be on a missions trip for a week, sharing the gospel, loving people, seeing the multitudes saved, healed and delivered. My heart thumps at the thought of a passion fulfilled. 
Before we cross the border on tuesday afternoon, we'll be spending the night in a Malibu mansion and while I walk around with my jaw on the floor, I will simultaneously be crossing another item off my bucket list. Living in the lap of luxury, if only for a night, won't be so bad. 
I am also secretly looking forward to not having my iPhone glued to my palm and to not be habitually refreshing my social networking feeds with every blink of my eyes. I think a forced internet sabbatical will do me a world of good. 
{Preliminary phases of the packing procedure} 

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