Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love It - March

Spring fever. Cherry blossom trees. Sunsets at Lema Ranch. Tijuana trip. Passion pit radio. Expanding my O.P.I collection. Adventure fridays. Picnicks and parks. Spontaneous jam sessions. Invading the Civic Centre. Mystical school. The sound of croaking frogs. Flowy dresses. The Luxurie. Making the whole world feel like home. Africa memories. Mere Christianity. Almond butter. Declarations. Birds cluttering the sunset sky. Coconut oil. Francois Du Toit. Socks and wedges. Reading like a writer. Seeing the world through child's eyes. The Tree of Life. Our tea collection. Pleats. Cake batter FroYo. A palette of neutrals. Nature's many changing faces. Ripped in 30. The shadow of His wings. Vivid dreams. Not having a plan B. Bowler hats. Gingham shirts. Dew drops splitting the morning light into prisms. Excellence, not perfection. Wooden fences and park benches. The colors of the day tinted by my sunglasses. Hipstamatic. Home-made guacamole. Visiting Laguna beach. Trust. Denim. Watching the Oscar-winning flicks. Egg and banana breakfasts. Pesto pasta. Body Shop foundation. Moleskins. The interesting articles I find in my handbag. Gum that keeps it's flavor. Cookie jars. Color blocking. Letterpress. Etsy stationery finds. Babysitting. Turquoise maxi skirts. Watercolors. Stylish children. Darkening my skin tone somewhat. Stripes. Knowing me, well. Girly banter. Frozen berry medley. Pining for the ocean. Top knots. Plain T's. Torn out book pages. Planning the future, savoring the present. March air filtering into my bedroom. Never forsaking my roots. William Fitzsimmons. Highlighting unforgettable one-liners. Male and female duets. A River Flows Through You. Washi tape. Fashionable mama's. The banjo. Paying no attention to the status quo. Houses on hilltops. Secret moments shared in the heat of the afternoon. Requiring no excuses to dance. St. Paddy's Day. Transition. Interstate-5 road trips. Seeing Jesus love children. Desiring to live no other life than mine. A promising weather forecast. Carrying 20 grocery bags so I don't have to make a second trip to the car. The watch of the night. Nick Drake's voice. Sounds of the throne room. The glory in every sunset. Seeing the weird and wonderful lunches people bring to school. Surprises of any sort. Back bends and pilates poses. Camera filters. Authentic humility. Old dirt roads. 
{Image taken by me at Lema Ranch, Northern California}

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