Monday, February 6, 2012

I love it - February

C.S Lewis, the master wordsmith. Childlike wonder. Ridiculous provision. How he loves me. The Loft Sessions. Superbowl sunday. Getting my butt kicked by Jillian Michaels. International travelers. Roasted red pepper soup. Candle-lit bubble baths. Spring shows up early. The beauty of the I-5 northbound. Shasta ski days. Instagramming my life away. The Weight of Glory. The writer's eye. Direction. God's Generals. Celebrating culture. Morning sunshine peering through the blinds. British eloquence. The Vow. Being single on Valentine's day. Viber calls. Walnuts. Hand-written notes on doilies. Quality time with a must-read. $4 sweaters. Being a 'Words With Friends' maestro. Psalm 36. The way the prayer house looks at night. Living in an American cul-de-sac. Suburban bliss. Following rivers. Getting a degree from the university of life. Learning the art of brave communication. Earl grey mornings. Thai curry. Lovefeast. A good male falsetto. Maroon tights. Paradigm shifts and heavy revys. Seaside dreams. Knowing Him and being known by Him. Gifts and surprises. The Tumbled Sea. Perfecting the 'laughcry.' Shekinah glory. A culture of creativity. Seeing Him displayed in people. Sleeping At Last. Getting in touch with my inner visionary. Seeing impossibilities crumble in His presence. The song of creation's silence. The seconds before the sun dips behind the mountains. Super Bowl commercials. The smell of warm cinnamon. The feeling of a freshly-washed favorite shirt. 4 months until Africa and I re-unite. Wishing I could paint with the colours of sunset. Bringing my A game. Absence creating a fond heart. Blueberry stained yoghurt. Potentially trying a new hairstyle, potentially. Trying not to lose my temper at the Spotify ads. Comptine D'un Autre Ete. Having melodic poetry read to me. Falling in love with words all over again. A journal dedicated to the Song of Solomon. Akiane's transdimensional artwork. Co-creating. Skating along the wooden floors in my socks. Adventures of the sporadic and spontaneous variety. Seeing light in His light. The beauty of earplugs as an antidote to loud housemates. Filling my lungs with gulps of country air. Becoming a homework slayer. Letting the River flow through me. Drinking from the torrent of His delights. Living in a revival town. 

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