Sunday, September 11, 2011


I turned 19 on Friday the 9th of September, and spent my second consecutive birthday away from my family, friends and home country. Nevertheless, it was a grand day full of all kinds of wonderful things. 

A bunch of my new friends that have also moved here to Redding, California, knocked on my door, and then proceeded to throw balloons at me, shove a cupcake in my face and then make me blow out a bunch of candles. It was hilarious. 
The crew and I then decided to take advantage of the fact that it was 42 degrees, and went cliff jumping at Clear Creek. I don't remember how high the jump was, but by my calculations I would say it was "flippin' high." What's a good birthday without an adrenaline rush?
We spent the rest of the afternoon body rafting down the creek, and I laughed a ridiculous amount the entire way along. 
California is beautiful, and it's landscapes blow me away. 
After an amazing church service at Bethel, we burnt the midnight oil at the sundial bridge under the full moon's light, and I lost count of all the times everyone embarrassed the heck out of me by signing happy birthday in public places. 

New friends. New places. New adventures. I would say this was by far the most uncanny, yet lovely birthday I have had to date. 

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