Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love It - February

A few things I love about February...

  Love is in the air. Scorching summer days. Evenings spent on the beach. Valentines day. Forever New. Thrifting. I Heart Market. Getting Creative. D.I.Y Projects. Sending letters in the mail. Baking cheesecake. Morning jogging. Well-being. Bargains. New job. Belle and Sebastian. Beach cottages. Vanilla. Weddings. Simultaneous rain and sunshine. Being in good company. Frozen martinis. Maxi Dresses. Discovering new dreams. Freedom. Sprinting over hot sand. Heart-shaped chocolate. Meeting new friends. Seeing old friends. Jumpsuits. Instrumental melodies. A Culture of Honor. Jackie-O Sunglasses. Chickpeas. Tasha's. Movies from the 90's. Afternoon naps on the lawn. More decisions. Sticking to my exercise regime. 1960's Swing. Dissecting the latest magazines. Polyvore. Tote Bags. Longboarding. Driving my friends around. Making changes. Seeing things from a different perspective. Organisation. A field of new experiences. Learning from other people. The smell of rain on the hot tarmac. The sound of Zooey Deschanel's voice. Gift wrapping. Collecting seashells. Burning the midnight oil. Reading instead of TV. Being productive and proactive. The secret place. Fulfilled promises. Community. Belly-laughing. Staring at the moon. Watching lightening dance across the ocean. Seeing the beauty in everyone and everything. Learning how to live in the moment. Talking to foreigners. Appreciating people. Small acts of kindness. Having faith in that which I cannot see.

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