Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonjour Mademoiselle...

My lovely friend Emma from Australia had her 21st birthday party on Saturday night, and when she added the pictures onto Facebook, I practically started hyperventilating due to how stunning they turned out!
Her dad, John Montesi (click here to visit his blog) was the photographer that so amazingly captured the event, and her mom Tracy was the official decorator. I am booking Trace for my 21st, no doubt about it!
Don't these pictures just make you want to throw a party?
 {The birthday girl (left) and her best friend (right) }

{All images: John Montesi}


  1. Thank's Jess!

    (Would have been nice if you were there.)

  2. No, thank you for the stunning pics!

    Ah, wish I could have been there, but after seeing all the pics, I felt like I was : )


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