Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One day, I was cruising through the net as I do, and I stumbled across this band by accident. They are a French band called Cocoon, and I absolutely fell in love with their sound the minute it entered my ears. I would have to say the genre is somewhere in between folk/indie/alternative, and there are just 2 members, a male and a female that go by the names of Mark and Mo'.
They are different, fresh and really unique, so go have a listen on their website www.frompandamountains.com/  or their myspace music page www.myspace.com/listentococoon .Do it. I dare you.
Ps: My favourite track is 'Chupee'

Below is some of their oh-so-cute band merchandise and pictures that, I think fit their music like a hand in a glove. 


1 comment:

  1. i like their music genre and my favorite song is 'chupee' too. i find that their music is lively,kind of peacefully ... (pretty cute too actually).I really can't explain well but i fell really nice and happy when i hear their song.


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